Case Studies

Financial Services company having a NBFC, HFC and wholesale finance

Organisational restructuring and creation of Shared services

  • Benchmarking of different org structures, design principles and alignment of org structure to the vision and culture.
  • Reduce the Cost Income ratio by 30% from the current levels
  • Create a framework for an effective and productive organisation

SME into Intercity Logistics Operations

Organisational Diagnostics with key team members using Appreciative Enquiry methods

  • Identification of cultural nuances and elements that are aiding/hampering execution and therefore the business growth
  • Business action planning to accelerate growth along processes, people and culture
  • Coaching core business teams in leveraging their strengths better

one of india's largest conglomerate entering into new business of housing finance

Setting up of HFC including creation of business plan

  • Setting up of HFC including creation of business plan
  • Market mapping and go to market strategy
  • Recruitment of the core team
  • Product Analysis
  • Operating process and SOP, creation of operation hubs
  • Business case for investments and setting up of branches

diversified business house entering into new business of housing finance

6 months project involving

  • Detailed Product Analysis
  • Relative profitability channel wise
  • Organisation structure
  • Regulatory process
  • Channel strategy
  • Incentive structures for staff

private equity investing into a consumer internet company

Advisory spanning over 3 months involving

  • Market mapping for the organisation
  • Organisational structure
  • Cost structures and optimisation opportunities including go to market strategy

A Series B - Hr Analytics/ Technology Company With Multiple Product Lines

12 months project involving

  • Sharpening the product features
  • Communicating go to market strategy
  • Integrating strategy with KRA’s across the organisation

Unicorn Consumer Internet Company

20 months intervention that involved

  • Building a greenfield project to create a Skilling organization at national level
  • Collaborating and empanelment with government bodies
  • Institutionalising channel partners and creating infrastructure to support their learning (Learning modules, simulators, skilling centres) etc.
  • Setting up of team and building a business model over another 12 months

Leading FMCG Company Into Personal Care And Food

Ongoing journey to institutionalise innovation in multiple verticals of the business.

Multinational Into Distribution Space Across Industries

Spread over 6 months the project involved

  • Working with the business to examine each of their critical accounts
  • Build account charters and vision statements along with standard templates that defined success parameters in each of the accounts

Series B Fintech Company And NBFC

6 months project involving setting up

  • The HR structure
  • Policies, Talent Management processes, Incentives and Executive compensation
  • Performance Management System

A Leading Chain Of B- Schools

24 months project involving

  • Setting up of HR processes
  • Setting up of B-School Policies
  • Structured industry interaction mechanism etc.

Legacy FMVG Listed Organisation

Interim CHRO for 15 months facilitating HR realignment with business with emphasis on

  • Organisation structure and role definitions
  • Streamlining Policies, KRA alignment with business
  • Improving performance orientation within the business

Global Conglomerate With Diverse Businesses

HR Academy designed and deployed over 24 months with an objective of

  • Aligning HR function with the business
  • Improving engagement scores within the team and improving efficiency within the processes, culminating into better HR capability and partnership with business
  • Institutionalisation of world class reward practices
  • Compelling Employee Value Proposition and a strong talent pipeline in each of the businesses

Fast Growing Internet Company

18 months Human Resources revamp through

  • Building HR capability
  • Introducing leaner processes to facilitate faster TAT for the business
  • Building processes to facilitate engagement and efficiency across the business
  • Enhancing performance orientation within the business
  • Designing and creation of Top talent, setting up of Learning function, HRMS implementation and building HR analytics practice