Enabling organisations to inculcate 10x thinking by improving every process by a factor of 10 times

About 10X

Through 10X, we enable organisations to shift their thinking to an exponential growth mindset and equip them to take appropriate risks required to deliver 10X value and outcomes.

The team at VANS collaborates with clients to focus on disruptions along wide array of processes and ideas such as

  • Building financial acumen and business appreciation
  • Designing cultural landscape for organisations
  • Creating performance orientation through niche tools and methodologies
  • Coaching leaders through transitions and in their leadership development journey
  • Building leadership pipeline across the organisation
  • Building innovation pipeline and cascading innovation as a way of life

10X Differentiators

  • VANS team owns the complete disruption process thereby building ownership mechanism within the journey
  • The matrices, tools and methods are linked closely to critical business outcomes thus providing a substantial Return on Investment for each intervention
  • Process design that covers entire gamut of organizational value chain – Build, design, implement and institutionalize

10x Solutions

  • E^X^ (Everything else is compleX) – an innovative board game that helps organisations build appreciation for finance and business decision making. With an idea to enhance profitability and inculcate shareholder value as a “way of life” within organisations, the solution has been used by numerous conglomerates in India and outside of it with more than 7000 participants (from CXOs to junior management across functions and businesses) having undergone it
  • Creating Performance-based Culture – VANS team helps organisations build great cultures using researched methodologies that enhance shareholder value, build highly engaged teams and create a platform where a consistent performance language is being spoken across the business
  • Building Leadership Development Architecture: Through its niche methodologies that combine Design, Development and Governance of the process, the team ensures that organisations sees visible positive shifts in key talent parameters across the business

Client Speaks

The sales effectiveness journey designed by VANS Skilling has been a truly transformational one for our sales teams. It comprised of a blended learning intervention with 3 day-long face-to-face sessions and virtual sessions in between each connect. The objective of the workshop was for the sales teams to get more efficient in their sales roles and build a vision for the sales organisation for next 3-4 years. The intervention focussed on many industry best practices with regards to sales and customer centricity however Key Account Management, Competitor Mapping & Analysis and Account Planning were the highlights of the journey. The team got a lot of strategic insight into their daily work schedules and felt much confident of handling big accounts and tough clients. The facilitator, Shantanu Sensharma weaved in the theoretical concepts with their practical, on-the-job applications very effectively. Another aspect worth recognizing is the project management that VANS offered. The entire project was very smoothly handled right from agenda to certification. The USP with VANS is their commitment to measure the ROI of the intervention.

CHRO Of A Multinational Distribution Company

I was leading a very large team and our strategic objective was to deliver a strong positive EVA. Although EVA as a concept is simple – translating it across hierarchies and functions and expecting them to internalize was a huge challenge. Srini from VANS team then, came up with a concept of gamifying the concept. He contextualized the game, adapted it to my business and then also helped in rolling out to the last person on the field. His personal involvement was amazing, and it helped educate the team about the concept of cash flow, EVA and ultimately how can my business be more profitable at the same time allowing teams to earn their incentive.
After initially using this simulation for my top team – I rolled this out to cover the top 200 managers and it was led superbly by him and his team.

CEO - Leading OTC/FMCG Company