Building and accelerating MSME businesses through strategy development and implementation with partnership, engagement, and execution through affordable solutions.


MSME practice of  started with a vision of being a significant player to serve the segment and be part of building a stronger India (Bharat 2.0), aims to develop a world-class MSME Mentoring organization through a unique methodology supported by seasoned mentors and a technology platform to provide end-to-end support to develop and scale their business.
Our USP is “Being with the MSMEs” to not only develop a strategy for growth but also help implement effectively and achieve targeted metrics-driven improvements.
This support would be driven by industry expert “MENTORS” who are equipped with our unique methodology, plug and play products (HR in a box, World Cafe, Digitization at a click etc;) to help MSMEs grow their business and become effective partners/ vendors to corporate as well as serve target customers.
Services provided by help Micro, Small, and Medium-sized businesses unlock their potential, scale more rapidly, and explore new opportunities to increase their overall business efficiency.
Our transformation consulting services include strategy, finance, marketing, branding, sales, human resources, IT/ digital, supply chain, distribution, vendor development, processes, and compliance.
We are present in multiple geographies across India. Our core is also to “Partner” with complimentary organizations and Industry bodies to provide focused services to partner members.
MSMEs complement large industries as ancillary units or Vendors and the sector contributes enormously to the socioeconomic development of the country. As per a current estimate, it contributes 48% to India’s export, 30% to GDP, and provides 11.10 crore employment in the country.
Our research has indicated that while MSME owners may have core products, services, and capabilities for their specific businesses however may lack various aspects to run and scale business in view of mainly lack of adequate resources, funding, and mentoring support for their businesses.

Sarathi Differentiators

  • Building a deep understanding of MSME business to offer customized support.
  • Delivering metrics-driven business results  
  • 160+  industry experienced Mentors at CXO and SME level (15+ years of experience)
  • MSME engagement models such as Masterclass, and World-cafe to enhance awareness among MSMEs. 
  • MSME First approach – to drive strategic plans and actions to solve business problems.
  • Unique methodology and plug & Play products 

Sarathi Impact

Enhancing MSME business by offering the CXO mentorship to enhance organization’s growth and help develop capability:

  • Sharpen or develop strategies for short, medium, and long-term business growth supported by Goals and Metrics.
  • Coaching and Mentoring of Founders/ Business Owners to provide direction and support to grow business.
  • Help understand the business problems and provide best practice advice and solutions.
  • Improvement in the HR, Finance, Marketing & Sales, IT/ Digital, Business Operations, and Supply chain processes.
  • Helping develop organisation Structure, capability, mindset, and culture for the futuristic organization.

Help MSMEs develop and implement repeatable processes and tools to bring efficiency.