Facilitating Business Excellence Through Interim CXO Services

About Meraki

Often organisations, especially the ones that are in the stage of either a functional or business transformation (Late stage start ups, change in business model, new generation of management, business acquired and needs a shift in gears etc.) need to balance between speed, expertise, experience and resources.

With Meraki, we aim to enable organisations bridge these key gaps in their functions / businesses by deploying our experienced CXO team (CFO, CHRO, CIO, COO, Chief Innovation officer, Chief Program head) and PMO for an interim timeframe (between 3-18 months) by offering them a distinct value proposition of expertise, execution and rigour of processes and timelines.

Meraki Differentiators

The client taps into the VANS pool that has extensive experience of managing large scale operations and businesses. The CXOs / PMO partner with the clients in

  • Delivering business results and matrices as per agreed timelines
  • Advising Boards and the CEOs
  • Mobilizing and Executing change
  • Streamlining and Transforming function/business and,
  • Putting a strategic direction in place for it to sustain itself within the business

Meraki Impact

  • Sharp ‘vision led’ matrices
  • Indegeniously developed products for quicker implementation (Plug and Play)
  • Improved agility, speed and engagement with stakeholders
  • Productivity improvement
  • Cost optimisation
  • Improved talent pipeline and performance orientation
  • Improved sales funnel and sharp matrices for sales effectiveness
  • Leaner processes thereby improving organisational effectiveness
  • Structured handover and succession plan

Client Speaks

Over the past 18 months, we’ve grown significantly in many dimensions. Last year, we had decided to invest significant efforts into scaling up our organisation systems and essentially grow our organisation into the scale of business we already are. This transition had started with the HR team itself last year. Srini from VANS team, who had joined us as a Senior Advisor in July 2018, subsequently took up the additional responsibility as the Interim CHRO since last year when the organisation needed him to step into that role. In the last year, Srini has worked really hard to help us grow as an organisation. We have a lot to do, and Srini’s efforts have brought energy back into the HR organization, reduced cost, improved productivity, helped setup new business units, and also initiated many transformation projects that will have significant long-term impact for all of us.

Founder Of The New Age Internet Company