Leveraging Interim CXO’s In Your Business

The current pandemic has had companies laying emphasis on costs while ensuring newer skills are added to their portfolio, the ones that will help them thrive and expand in the new current normal.  In the new world as it shapes, the organisations will look at ways to enhance the productivity and profitability and do more with less and one crucial model to look at is the Interim CXO services.  Simply put, the model has organisations hiring key C-suite talent in functions like HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Strategy, Information Management, Project Management office etc to manage the function in short term, deliver on key business matrices and enhance superior  shareholder value during the process. Organisations typically hire such C-suite executives for interim functional roles, setting up new businesses or leading mission critical projects.

 Here is all that an Interim CXO solution could do for an organisation:

  • Interim model provides you this talent on demand for a period of 3-18 months and helps to deliver key strategic initiatives with a professional CXO team that is equally passionate about delivering the matrices  that create shareholder value  especially, in strategic and transformational situations.
  • Time Advantage – Considering the time taken to hire CXOs and loss of precious business opportunities till then, this solutions offers quick integration of talent into the business and letting businesses successfully make a major change or a transformation, thus letting them stay agile.
  • Tapping into specific skills – With the kind of unprecedented transformations that organisations are facing, interim solution allows organisations to leverage set of skills and experience needed for a defined situation.
  • Partnership across the chain: The solution could help the client diagnose the issues, identify areas for quick wins, discover measurables and
    ultimately design process that could help the organisation address issues faster.
  • Affordable solutions – Since the duration of the assignment is short, organisations find it cost effective to access CXO knowledge without
    any long term commitments at the same time retain focus on deliverables and matrices. Some models also revolve around long term incentives and ESOPs to CXOs instead of fixed cash components.
  • Templates, Methods and Processes – To maintain continued focus on delivery, CXOs bring with them templates, researched methodologies and PMO approach to solving problems faster and better.  That also allows the organisation to sustain the process even after the CXO has parted ways after his/her stint.

What can an Intern CXO do:

  1. Build and align strategy and KPIs within businesses and functions
  2. Accelerate revenue and reach to market
  3. Build operations efficiency
  4. Access capital, build M&A readiness
  5. Human Capital sustainability and scalability
  6. Everything that an organisation can expect its in-house CXO talent to do

Sounds interesting? Does it present a visible need within your business to have a chat with one such Interim CXO? Get in touch and we will be happy to

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